Why it is good to invest in cryptocurrencies?

One reason why I withdrew 80% of my stock assets and put it in cryptocurrencies is because, cryptocurrencies are exciting and its volatile. Investing in cryptocurrencies is like investing in future. Comparing to stock market, stocks movement are very small and could be manipulated by someone. Cryptocurrency value can explode overnight in value then falls. Investing in cryptocurrencies can get you almost your retirement fund. In my opinion, the best time to start is now while it is on starting stage but it is up to you(check more about getting started here). Well, I can say that I started late but not too late. I say this because if I started earlier, maybe I had more of what I have today. Early investors like who invested in 2013 – 2016 are very lucky because this year, 2017, cryptocurrencies are becoming so popular. What more in 2018 – 2020? Long-term value of Bitcoin is high like it can be sustained for average of 2 weeks without change.

Let’s look at bitcoin as example. Look at these graphs below. If you have invested 1 bitcoin in May 2016 which has a value of $461,

 and now, Bitcoin’s price is $2366 as of May 2017, you could have a $1905 accrual from your $461 investment. Take note that this is only a year after.

source: https://coingecko.com

Isn’t it incredible? You could be a millionaire simply because of one trade. Cryptocurrencies’ influence and increase in demand somehow contributes to the increase in value. People are in search for convenience and minimal fees. When more people learned about cryptocurrencies, it’s value may go higher. Right now, the world is not yet fully saturated with cryptocurrencies. That’s why I thought now is the best time to get started(read more about getting started in bitcoin here). In the near future cryptocurrencies may be one of the major payment medium. You’d say to yourself, oh! I am lucky I kept 0.0xxxxxxx of bitcoin in my wallet which is now worth $20,000.