Bitcoin’s true value

Or should I say “cryptocurrency’s true value”? I am posting this amidst the fall of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is down to $3,500 from the $4,900 high. The main cause for this are, first China bans ICO which holds big deposits of bitcoin, ether and other cryprocurrencies, then it was also published in a chinese news site that China will also ban cryptocurrency in the country and will also shutdown exchanges. Few hours after releasing this news, weak hands and noob crypto-investors quickly sell out their assets and all markets went down. Some people said bitcoin is just a bubble that is about to burst, some people said it is just a fraud and other governments wants to control the use of Bitcoin though it is decentralized. Actually even Bill Gates said you cannot stop it. I am thinking that super strict regulations and control over the use of bitcoin is for someones own interest only. Bitcoin is another kind of innovation that you cannot stop. Just like the invention of car and when it was first used in the public, there were dangers and critics about cars, but now it is being used worldwide. Bitcoin is still new and not even everyone have bitcoin but in the near future the whole world will get used to this innovation. Amidst the crash of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies what people shall understand is the true value of this technology that is the use of blockchain. The knowledge in this invention is a great advantage because it will disrupt any industries in the future and you can use your knowledge to take advantage of it and create something. That is the thing that any politicians or people that cannot be taken from you. Another thing, no matter how many times Bitcoin crashes, there is no direction for it but to go up and just like what my investor friend told me, don’t sell at lost. I suggest you to watch this video in youtube, it is very informative.

“No politicians, no bankers can create more or change the mathematical rules dictating their(Bitcoin) creation.”

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  1. I agree with Bill Gates. They will never stop Bitcoin. The point of cryptocurrency is decentralization (no certain point of control).

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