Bitcoin Talk

Since I started to learn about Bitcoin and the technology behind it which is the blockchain, I have been evangelizing its value and importance to the economy and innovation. I’ve even changed my thesis to a blockchain related topic. Yesterday, Nov 30, it was holiday in Philippines and I had an opportunity to spread Bitcoin’s value to a group of young professionals.  Though the topic is very broad, I’ve compressed it and explain a little in every part of Bitcoin. This session was just in time because, Bitcoin price reached highest peak and then went down by $2000 right after some of them bought some (it was a good demo on how volatile and exciting it is).

The agenda of my talk:

  1. What is Bitcoin
  2. How Bitcoin works (Transactions, small info about mining, ledgers, wallets)
  3. Investing (Trading, ICOs)

I just want to help fellow Filipinos by taking advantage of this technological revolution and share what I have learned about Bitcoin and blockchain. Though it has high risk, not regulated by BSP and a speculative thing, I want Filipinos to try this new idea by putting in, small investment and making money out of it.

Since July when Bitcoin price was at $1900-$2400 range I have given small talks about Bitcoin and introduced it to approx. 30 people and 19 of them already invested in it. The current all-time high is now at $11,000 and if they were paying attention to the market, they could even increase their investment 10 folds.