Bitcoin acceptance in the Philippines

I was walking in Aseana in front of DFA office back in mid October 2017 when I accidentally saw this money changer and travel agency (GWI Travel). They’re also the owner of, a Philippine based Bitcoin exchange. What caught my attention was, the Bitcoin logo. It was the first business establishment I saw here in Philippines (though I know that there are lot more). I rushed inside the office and talked with the front-desk until she called her young pretty supervisor. I asked permission to take picture of their office and we had a little discussion about the sudden rise of Bitcoin. That time the Bitcoin price rose to $5000 from $3000 after the struggle because of China ban and JP morgan statement about Bitcoin. As of this writing, Bitcoin is at $11,378 already. I believe that Bitcoin acceptance in the Philippine market will continue and next year will be much exciting. Accepting Bitcoin in shops is a good use case to test this remarkable technology and an easy way of getting Bitcoin other than mining or buying from exchanges.

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