My crypto currency craze started one night in May, when I was talking to a friend and he unintentionally brought up about our new neighbor who was spreading the good things about bitcoin. This guy is a kind of a bitcoin evangelist. That time, the price of a bitcoin was $400. Out of curiosity I researched about bitcoin, looked for books at amazon, gathered what I can get, and read a 300 page book about cryptocurrency. The idea of turning your actual assets into a digital asset amazed me. What I’ve experienced was like what happened in China. In China they were fascinated with cryptocurrencies and mining(read here about mining). I also learned that before Bitcoin, China was used to digital money and trading.


Then I learned of a thing called mining (anyways you can read about mining here). I thought that time, what the heck is mining? How do they do this? Who owns bitcoin? Is mining a game? Is bitcoin a startup company? Those are the things that came up to my mind. Fortunately I am an I.T. guy and works in Web Development field, long story short, I can code. This is why Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency fascinate me. This coin is a program! What the heck!


These curious questions are the things I want to share in this website; to help beginners grasp the technology and take advantage of it.


I will use the term bitcoin most of the time in this website since this is the most popular and first cryptocurrency (about bitcoin). This is also a popular term that symbolizes cryptocurrency(it’s just like Colgate¬†when you mean toothpaste). This is also to help technophobic who might have a difficult time for the word cryptocurrency sink in to their minds.